What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient mystery tradition which is available to us today in a new way. What distinguishes Tantra is its totality as a path of awareness – it demands total presence in every dimension of our human experience – including our sexuality. Tantra takes us beyond the dualities that keep us in ego-limitation. It is for people who are asking the big questions of life:

Who am I?

What is real love – and can I live that love?

The fire of Tantra burns away our illusions, burns away whatever keeps us in separation. The question that guides the work is: How much bliss can you stand? The misunderstanding of the West is that Tantra is some new/rediscovered pleasure drug. The reality is: Your capacity for bliss is directly correlated to the depth of your capacity for experience. Depth means the degree to which you can be present – feel deeply – whatever arises in your experience. In so doing, even our sadness, anger and depression becomes spaces filled with unconditional love. That is the true meaning of bliss.