These tributes are a testament to Shakti Malan - odes to the magnificence of her being - and a recognition of the profound body of work that she birthed into our world and shared so generously with so many people all over the globe. They are offered in honour of the rich legacy that Shakti has left for all of us…

If you were uniquely and profoundly touched by Shakti’s Being, we invite you to record and submit a tribute of your own. We welcome your unique prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude, your love, your memories or what ever it is that you are moved to share…

  • Please record a short video (max 120 secs) —you can record this on your phone or laptop— sharing how Shakti touched, moved, changed, inspired, shaped you…
  • Your personal tribute will be permanently hosted on this Tributes & Testimonial page as well as shared on various social media platforms.
  • Please film your short video in LANDSCAPE format.
  • Please upload your video to ShaktiMalanLegacy TRIBUTES on dropbox here

Thank you for taking a moment to remember Shakti’s love in your life and for sharing it with all of us. ❤️

Shakti's Legacy - Claire

Shakti's Legacy - Dan B.

Shakti's Legacy - Marja W.

Shakti's Legacy - Cora

Shakti's Legacy - Lolla

Shakti's Legacy - Linda

Shakti's Legacy - Lance

Shakti's Legacy - Tiffany

Shakti's Legacy - Valentina

Shakti's Legacy - Courtney

Shakti's Legacy - Rahasya

Shakti's Legacy - Kali

Shakti's Legacy - Phillip

Shakti's Legacy Andreea/Andra

Shakti's Legacy - Christine

Shakti's Legacy - Paul

Shakti's Legacy - Joanne

Shakti's Legacy - Lisa Grace

Shakti Online Vigil - July 2017