Shakti Bhakti

Our Radiant Hearts of Love hold Clear the Vision of Grace doing its Finest Work with you Beloved. When the wave disappears, it becomes the ocean itself.

Dolphin Delight

Off the coast of Mozambique - where Heaven meets Earth, in the warm waters of Malongane, wild dolphins are waiting to meet you - we invite you to join us on an adventure to transform your consciousness…

Shakti Malan Legacy - Teachings on Sexuality and the Liquid Body of Light

Extract of an interview between Shakti Malan and Seren Bertrand in 2017, in which Shakti shares her wisdom on evolutionary sexuality and awakening the liquid body of light. May the power of her vision continue to shine its light out into the world.

Marianna Seger

"The White Dove" - this is a piece that came through as I sat in circle yesterday to celebrate the life of a very beloved powerful teacher, Shakti Malan, who left her body unexpectedly on the 18th of July. She changed my life and many others. She was devoted and worked courageously and fiercely to empower women - and men - by reconnecting us with our sexuality; and - through both her being and her teachings - with Life in all its fullness. I miss her so much.

Marianna Seger -

“I learned today that the beautiful, amazing, magical woman Shakti Malan passed away yesterday. I met her in South Africa, and then later she traveled to Moscow and conducted training here. When I met her I got goosebumps -  she emanated such a flow of energy and love that I could not believe that it was possible to feel this next to a person that you are meeting for the first time in your life. Shakti is a spiritual teacher, guide, discoverer, broad soul and a very positive person. I am glad that I knew her … now she is among the angels”

- Olga Khodyuk Spiridonova


Olga Khodyuk Spiridonova
Cands Aden at Peace of Eden

“Honouring our beautiful teacher, Shakti Malan today”

- Cands Aden at Peace of Eden

"Already one year since your passing, Shakti. Today snuck up on me. I miss you!! And yet, what a year it has been. So much deepening, and integration and realness and feeling. Utilizing everything I ever learned from you. And I am a more awake, aware, attentive, attuning Woman than ever before. With more Questions than answers. Still walking in the Sacred mystery of life. Feeling you nearby each and every Moment. This year has taught me Great Teachers and Great Friends are a Gift, but they are never meant to be a crutch. Goddess Bless! Thank you Shakti! Thank you!”

- Claire Rumore, July 2018


"Today a year ago..this planet saw a true heroine leave our physical plane..precious friend and teacher Shakti Malan… we miss you so..your day of crossing over is the birthday of our giant beloved Tata Madiba.. may you both forever bless our world with the fragrance of your love and wisdom”

- Courtney Ward (18 July 2018)

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