What is Tantric Orgasm?

In conventional sexual encounter, orgasm tends to be the goal. For many men, achieving ejaculatory orgasm is their only goal. For many women, pleasing the man by making him ‘come’ is the only purpose of sex. When the man becomes a little more conscious, he gets focused on the woman’s orgasm. The flipside is that the woman’s orgasm can very easily now become the goal.

In both cases – man’s ejaculatory orgasm, and woman’s vaginal or clitoral orgasm, the emphasis is on genital release. In order for this release to happen, a huge amount of tension is built up in the body through accelerated movement and breath, and through body tension. Genital orgasm can make you feel like you touch God – just for a second.

That second is a premonition of the real thing.

What is happening in genital orgasm is a stirring of the base chakra, the first point where our sexual energy gets awakened. In Tantra, our sexual energy is called Kundalini. Kundalini is our vital life force, or sexual energy, which lies coiled up at the base of the spine like a snake. This snake stays asleep, perhaps our whole lives long, until one day the process of our awakening begins.

This awakening happens when we start to ask the big questions in life: What is my life really about? Who am I? How do I find the divine in everything? How to live unconditionally? These questions become intentions that start to direct your life force.

In the body, the direction that our life force wants to go, is up. When the kundalini energy awakens at the base of the spine, it slowly starts to uncoil and rise up in front of the spine, through energy centers called Chakras.

A big part of the work of Tantra is assisting you with unblocking the chakras, which are the gateways through which this energy – our sexual energy – moves. When the gateways are blocked, the energy doesn’t move up any higher. The opening of the chakras requires the willingness to feel everything that we have suppressed so far.

When the sexual energy moves up the chakras, it does so through a central channel that in Sanskrit is called the shushumna. In Tantra we affectionately call this channel the hollow flute, because when it opens, the song of spirit starts to play through us. The movement of our sexual energy becomes a dance of the divine. As our sexual energy moves up, it radically opens our hearts, and eventually moves through the crown of the head so that we experience our infinite oneness with all that is. This can happen as you work with your own sexual energy, and also during lovemaking with a partner.

The awakening of sexual energy as a spiritual force in the body is what we call Tantric of kundalini orgasm. It is a subtle – and sometimes huge – rippling of electromagnetic energy up the body, from the perineum at the base of the body all the way out through the crown of the head. When kundalini moves through us, we surrender completely to what is. Emotions may move through – we welcome them and don’t identify with them. The body may be still or thrown around in wild abandon. We can never predict. In the middle of the orgasm, is infinite silence. We come to meet ourselves as who we really are. There is no greater peace than this. No greater bliss. The question, of course, is: (as you know by now if you have been following my postings) How much bliss can you stand? Are you willing to let the ecstatic truth of who you really are shatter all the hard treasured perceptions you have been holding on to? Think about it. Because this is what will happen.

With love,